About The CBD Experts™

How Mother Earth Became Known As The CBD Experts™

In 2009, Tory Welsh and Arianna Welsh (the brother & sister team that created, own and operate the Mother Earth stores) began researching natural remedies to help a family member that was in severe pain and was becoming ill from the prescribed pain medications he was taking. At the time, medical marijuana had recently become legal in Michigan and was gaining alot of popularity for chronic pain patients. This was the best option they had to work with at the time but their family member was only able to use it before bed due to the “head high” feeling he would get from it.

It wasn’t until 2016 that the hemp CBD products became available on a commercial level and inevitably replaced the medical marijuana products he was taking because there was no “head high” feeling with the hemp products.

  • review rating 5  I had a good experience here such a great shop! Great staff and great products!

    thumb Kira Williams
  • review rating 5  Laura is the sweetest human on this earth. Very knowlable on the stuff she is selling. Thank you will be coming back 😀

    thumb Girl From Michigan
  • review rating 5  **DISCLAIMER*** For those of you who are skeptics: Fact: If you have reservations about CBD extract because it is extracted from the Marijuana plant, know that this product does NOT contain THC and will NOT get you high in any way...period. I bought some Clean Remedies full spectrum 900 mg at the owners recommendation because I'd been hearing about the benefits of full spectrum CBD (canabanoid) extract. The owner talked with my wife and I for about 30 minutes before I made a decision to try it. (super patient Lady by the way) They counselled me on determining my dosage which is sort of trial and error, but you will know when you've got it just right. I've got my dosing down pat. (there's really only 2 doses you should use anyways, either .25mL or .50ML. I use the .50ML (once per day before bed) I can honestly say my anxiety is down by at least 95% and I swear I cannot remember ever sleeping as good as I have been since I trusted your advice. I'm always the skeptic, but this stuff ACTUALLY works. My one bottle has lasted almost a full month. Now that my dosing is figured out correctly, it should last longer. I'm off to bed now to sleep soundly through the night AGAIN. Thanks for the help. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, sleeplessness or a host of any other things, CBD will definitely provide you with holistic, natural relief. Try it now, thank me later 😉

    thumb Motor City Barbecue
  • review rating 5  Knowledgeable staff, fair prices and cool in-store atmosphere! Will happily shop here for all my cbd needs going forward

    thumb Julie Holmes
  • review rating 5  Very knowledgeable and caring, friendly people. I was looking not only for CBD for my little chihuahua, but someone who would be able to guide me about dosing for his condition and best product. I got that and more.

    thumb Avonelle Morley
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